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by Daniela Riccio on August 24, 2011

Can consideration and style co-exist? Can delicate design be complimented by durability? Apple & Bee believe the answer is yes,  presenting a range of designer bags and accessories which give new meaning to the term eco-chic.  Beautifully crafted using only premium organic fibers and fabrics.   Apple & Bee is dedicated to manufacturing a collection that considers not only current fashion trends but the damage their production has on the earth. From the functional shopping tote to a perfectly sized overnight bag, the brand’s unique fabric designs are infused with its strong association to our planet and its creatures incorporating eye catching reds and yellows with softer pastels and neutrals.

From our new bohemian wooden handle clutch features a unique embroidered pattern, whilst a delicate menagerie of creatures including elephants and giraffes decorate the practical diaper mat. A durable denim men’s washbag is complimented by the feminine love bird blue print used for the make-up purse. The entire range of Apple & Bee’s unique designs is transferred onto to a selection of certified organic cotton, bamboo, silk, hemp and calico.  With the line of cosmetics bags also featuring a bio-degradable coating which protect the outside layer of the fabric.

This month we launch our fashion tote range by Apple & Bee.  Our organic canvas totes have “Apple of My Eye” in eye-catching green and the ever sweet “Love Hearts” which will match our new signature designed cosmetic makeup-bags.  Our ever popular eco totes are now singing a new tune... Taken from a favourite quote we love (Mahatma Gandhi), “Be the Change you want to see in the world”. This tote is a nice little reminder of just how great we can all be. The new “We are One” eco tote is perfect for a yoga class or to suit the urban hippie in all of us.

See the full range of Apple and Bee's make-up bags, coin purses, cosmetic bags, shopping totes and fashion clutches online at GlamourpussLife, the official distributor on behalf of Apple and Bee.

Apple and Bee

Apple & Bee


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