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by Daniela Riccio on September 23, 2011

Firstly, welcome to the world of GlamourpussLife. A life filled with great friends and family and just simply living in the moment.  We are a bunch of fabulous women, who live life to the fullest. We work, we play, we care, we mother (and smother), we manage, we multi-talk, we cook, we clean, we just simply do everything.

Our GlamourpussLife is living the best life you can live. We are about having nice things around us and not necessarily status symbol products. We want to fill our life (and work), with laughter when ever in the house, home, office, boudoir or when jettsetting across the globe.  We don’t show off our wealth or success, but we do show our friends and family, how much they mean to us. 

Now if you are not sure what a Glamourpuss is... I am sure you are already one as reading this fabulous site, but here goes…..    

  glamourpuss (plural glamourpusses)

            a glamorous, alluring woman


         a life filled with all things fabulous and fun


                a place filled with great gifts for women

I am sure that’s you!

GlamourpussLife has been around since 2007 and we have grown from a wee online shop to now a huge online shop with 100’s of great gifts for the house, home, office, boudoir or when jettsetting across the globe. We hope you enjoy shopping at GlamourpussLife and we look forward to meeting you at one of our VIP events.  




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