Fake and Counterfeit goods are no bargain

by Daniela Riccio on October 02, 2011

One of the many great reasons of shopping with GlamourpussLife is that you know you are buying a 100% genuine item.

All of our items sold on GlamourpussLife are originals and we are authorised to sell these products in our region.

GlamourpussLife also sells onto many department stores and gift stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand, just to name a few.  We always state which stores we sell to.  In case you are not 100% sure, then do email us for further confirmation.  All of our products sold will have a GlamourpussLife label on each item and will be appropriately branded.

Firstly, how do you tell if it's a fake before buying?

Well, let’s use our bra bag by The Brag Company as an example.  You would need to be a keen collector to be able to spot fakes just by looking at pictures but if you are new to the brand, you probably won't be able to distinguish.

Here are some general guidelines to go by:

Unprofessional photography

Sellers of fake goods usually display a single picture and make it a collage of smaller views. They will avoid using close-up’s and the ability to enlarge the photo. 

The best way to tell is by the quality of the photo taken.  Ie., does the image look like professional photography or was it taken in someone’s bedroom.  The latter tells you it’s a fake as they won’t invest in professional photography costs, which is always a large investment for GlamourpussLife and our partners. 

If they have copied, cut and pasted the images from our site, onto theirs, then you will notice the use of small images, once again.  Check the quality of the entire website you are looking at, the photos, the spelling of the text, the payment method, the delivery service etc…  This will tell you if they are a real business with real commitment to customer service by only selling authentic products.  

If the online site is an auction, discount shop or a by-the-road shop or trolley cart then this is also another indication of fake products. Not all but do check the quality at all times.

Country of origin

The sellers of fakes obtain their wares largely from mainland China. Original bags are manufactured in China under strict quality control procedures.  GlamourpussLife and our partners, all have watertight contracts and relationships with our China factories.  Any bra bag you see around, without the official label of THE BRAG COMPANY and a GlamourpussLife label, are not the original but a cheap, inferior quality bag.  For example, the fabrics and ribbons used are cheap, they will feel and look cheap. The press button are matt and look silver and cheap.  It will not have a label stating the type of fabric and the location of manufacture inside the bag.

If you see a website that states, shipped direct from China, Hong Kong, Philippines, then do not purchase from these sellers as their goods are fakes.

We know you can easily obtain fake bags anywhere in the world, when the price is as low at $10 then it’s definitely a fake.  Don't be foolish to part with your money and your credit card information.  Remember, it’s cheap for a reason as quality has been compromised and commitment to customer service and the love of what they do also shows a lack of respect. 

Oh, the other fact, credit card fraud if riffle out there also.  Do you really want to give your credit card information?

Read the site review

Even if seller has high feedback scores and reviews on his website, it doesn't necessarily mean his products are genuine. If a seller has other items that look like counterfeit items, then you will be certain they are selling fake bra bags.  Read the reviews, phone them, email them and see what they are like, ask questions and find out where they are. Get to know the people behind the company.  Why would they hide from you when they have noting to hide? 

Social Media

Every professional and customer service related company, by now, will have a website, FACEBOOK, Twitter, Blog etc….  do search for these sites to confirm recent activity and information on the company you want to purchase from.   This will give you peace of mind especially when credit card payment is involved.

If they state, it’s a parallel imported item, well again, it’s a lie.  We all have water tight contracts in place and we ensure our goods are sold within quality department and lifestyle stores. Again simply check out there details.

Google Search Titles

Some sellers of fakes have identical Google titles naming the style for visibly different products, so the item will show up when a potential customer performs a search for a particular style keyword. Be diligent and have a look at the seller's offering. If you spot such a thing, the seller will be selling fakes!   If there is only one style by the original but on the fake websites you see a lot more in cheaper fabric, then you know it’s a fake.

Delivery methods

If the company does not offer professional delivery or pick up service, then they are not the authorised company. Ie., pick up from train a station, now that’s a big give away that you are not dealing with a professional company.


Remember penalties for peddling counterfeits can be harsh in some countries especially Singapore.  If a seller is a licensed retailer, this will be mentioned on our website and GlamourpussLife will always confirm a retailer. Simply contact us for further information via email or phone as we aim to responsd within 24 hours.

Think about it!

Sadly buying a sub-standard, counterfeit product is relatively high these days.  For some products such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics these fakes can even endanger your health. 

Did you know that child labour, human-trafficking and even terrorism frequently lie behind organisations operating counterfeit production and trade?

What to find out more then visit these sites: Copyright laws & The Penalties

Copyright infringement is taken very seriously in Singapore.  Depending on the level of offence, caught and you could face fine of up to S$20,000 and 6 months in jail or imprisonment for a term of up to 5 years and a fine of up to S$10,000 for each article or a maximum of S$100,000.  

It’s just not worth it. Be a class act and say no to counterfeit goods.




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