Hello Dolly

by Daniela Riccio on October 09, 2011

Hello Dolly is a brand designed by women for women and the men who love them.  Hello Dolly's aim is to add a little bit of magic to the mundane purchases we have to make. Think of them as the fairy godmother of femininity!

The concept was born when they went shopping for a toolkit and couldn’t find what they were looking for.  They then thought about all the things independent sassy women need that are badly packaged and decided to work their magic.

Now doing your own DIY around the house has never been this fun, with a range of attractive Hello Dolly tools and accessories to suit every woman and a select few men. In Hello Dolly’s trademark pink, these stylish and practical tools are especially designed to fit a woman’s size and strength.

As well as our DIY there is now the Hello Dolly Gardening range. So with the world going green, Hello Dolly is going pink! This gorgeously girly range of gardening tools will never go missing on your garden balcony. Made from a solid, polished aluminium mould with soft ergonomic handles, these tools are pretty and practical.

See our full range of Hello Dolly gifts here.



Hello Dolly


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