Secret Santa

by Daniela Riccio on November 30, 2011

I have to admit I like Secret Santa gift giving concept. It always ends up in one big laughing fit with your colleagues. It also gives you an excuse to buy something fun, naughty or just plain hysterical.

The laughing factor is always the best part. The worst is when you have to buy a gift for someone you don’t like in the office then that can be testing! Luckily, I have not had that problem. Have you?

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa in some countries is called Kris Kringle but the concept is the same. It’s one of the more popular holiday games and is a fun and easy way for a group of friends, family members or work colleagues to exchange gifts.

The basic concept of the Secret Santa game is simple. All of the participants’ names are placed into a hat or a box and mixed up. Each person then chooses one name from the box, but doesn't tell anyone which name was picked. That’s the secret… don’t tell anyone!

When the Secret Santa wraps their gift all they need to do is simply add the recipients name but doesn't indicate whom the present is from. Remember, most of the fun is in the secrecy.

Then organise a place, a date and a time for everyone to get together for the giving, unwrapping and guessing competition.  Each recipient must guess who their Secret Santa is. If they can't guess, their Secret Santa eventually confesses.

So now how to find gifts that are fun, naughty, hysterical and affordable..........

Decision DiceDecision Dice: Lucky, we have nine themes in our Decision Dice this year so it should be nice and easy as a gift. Even better they are only $14.95 each. Our theme for you to choose from are: Mid-Life Crisis, Therapies, Night Out, Change Your Life, Dating, Ladies Who Lunch, Romance, Take-away & Dolly Shopping Dice.

Take a moment to read which words are on each dice and I am sure you will find dice to suit certain personalities in your office.


Now you can't go wrong with these travel guides from Deck of Secrets and LUXE City Gudies. They start from $9.95 and are a great gift idea if you know your colleague is escaping for a quick Chrissy break. Guides are for Asia, Australia, Europe and USA and are sold as individual guides or box sets without breaking the bank. 

Eco-friendly Shopping Totes by Apple and Bee make great gifts for the eco-conscious person and are also purse friendly at only $29.95 each. They are five great styles to choose from and for larger totes and a larger budget you can purchase the canvas totes for only $49.95 each.

For the person to who love cook, garden, paint, create and just simply make a mess.... then look no further than our Dolly pink Apron at only $34.95. The other style of Aprons we have are our Bombay Duck and are Truly Scrumptions at only $49.90 each.

Now for a fast way to check gifts on this site and within your Secret Santa budget, click here to see our range of 250 Gifts under $40 and also our Clearance Items page. I am sure you will find a gift for your Secret Santa. 

We hope you have enjoyed our Secret Santa / Kris Kringle guide.

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