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by Daniela Riccio on December 02, 2011


GlamourpussLife known for its fun, flirty, fabulous gifts for women has opened up a brand new showroom.

From 1st December 2011 GlamourpussLife will showcase its exclusive gifts for women inside fashion boutique ANA at 86 Club Street, Singapore.  

The level 1 showroom will showcase the exclusive collections by The Brag Company, Hello Dolly, Apple and Bee and Bombay Duck. There will now be something for every women for the house, home, office, boudoir or when jetsetting across the globe.

The new range of home accessories by GlamourpussLife will start from as low as $19.90 and will include vintage inspired candlebras’s, photo frames, venetian mirrors and a large selection of adorable hooks and hangers that can be used to brighten up any boudoir or living room.

The eating and entertaining home accessories range will include ceramic vintage inspired tea party tea sets, mugs, sugar bowls, milk servers, plates as well as an elegant range of silverware cake, teaspoons and sugar servers. Also available will be cake stands made out of vintage pressed glass and beautiful ceramic butterfly diamante styled cake stands that will transform any women into a domestic goddess.

As part of our jetsetter collection alongside the Apple and Bee’s eco-chic travel range of cosmetic bags there will be petite wash bags, cotton, silk or satin shoe and lingerie bags as well as the bra bags to suit even the most fussy traveller with the range starting from $26 and no more than $120.

All of GlamourpussLife gifts will cater for Christmas, Mother’s Days, Valentines Day, Brides-to-be, Mom’s-to-be, House Warmings, Farewells or just because you are fabulous! And for those gift emergencies gift wrapping paper and greeting cards are also available in true GlamourpussLife style.

The boutique is located upstairs ANA Boutique and is opened Monday to Friday 9:30am to 7pm, Saturday 10am to 7pm and Sundays 1pm to 5pm.

GlamourpussLife Showroom

ANA Boutique

86 Club Street, Singapore 069454

The GlamourpussLife e-boutique is also available at with deliveries to most countries. 



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