Envelope Clutch by Apple and Bee

by Daniela Riccio on January 02, 2012

Apple and Bee 

Day 2 into 2012 and we are already buzy as bee's in the GlamourpussLife HQ. 

Looking what else is new by the Apple and Bee designers....

This new addition envelope make-up bag is designed to fit in all of your essentials and also double up as a cute little clutch! 

You can hide it in your handbag or take it out on its own. Made from organic cotton on the outside and lined with hemp.   The envelope make-up bag is 230 x 130mm and starts from $50.  

See the full Apple and Bee collection with over 50 designs, styles and sizes at GlamourpussLife.com here

We heart this envelope clutch!




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