Silk Coat Hangers

by Daniela Riccio on January 12, 2012

Silk Coat Hangers We were so pleased to see the range of silk coat hangers used on Gossip Girl Season 3 episode 21 last night.

Did you see the episode where Blair and Serena are glaming-it-up for a night out (once again) and Blair is pulling out every dress elegantly hanging on these fabulous coat hangers.

Anyways, if you loved the look, you can now get hold of our silk or cotton set of 4 coat hangers and now they come with quirky or elegant embroidered words on each one.

Which one are you?
Vintage Queen, Hollywood Glam
Fashionista, Miss World
Screen Goddess, Yummy Mummy, Shop till you drop

See the full range of silk coat hangers online at GlamourpussLife.


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