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by Daniela Riccio on January 27, 2012

Look out for the fabulous eco-chic range by Australian Apple and Bee coming to Takashimaya Singapore in February, 2012.

 GlamourpussLife Apple and Bee 


Why we love Apple and Bee….. 

At Apple and Bee our aim is to make the most beautiful cosmetic, tote, fashion, kids and baby bags without harming the environment. We have now extended our line to include stationery and an all-natural skincare range. We use the finest materials such as certified organic cotton, jute, hemp and calico... and we use no nasty chemicals or preservatives in our skincare. We’ve built our products to last, and we wouldn’t mind the planet being around for a while longer too.

The Apple and Bee Ethos
We are only here for 80 years or so if we are lucky. It matters what we do while we are here and we believe we have a responsibility to leave this earth as healthy as possible. By creating bags that last we hope people will reduce plastic bag waste and use natural bags that will help reduce pollution and keep our planet clean.

    * 100% Australian owned
    * are a carbon neutral company
    * support environmental organisations
    * started the Bee Foundation to help raise money and awareness about the health and importance of bees.

When: 1st to 14th February 2012
Where: Takashimaya Basement 1 (B1) Talking Hall.
Contact: or phone +65 9844 7141 for more information.
Online: for Asia-wide delivery.

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