GlamourpussLife Takashimaya

by Daniela Riccio on January 30, 2012

Look out for GlamourpussLife gifts for women coming to Takashimaya from 1st February, 2012.

GlamourpussLife will be located inside Takashimaya's Talking Hall on Basement 1 gifting area.

All of our wonderful gifts will be available for the two week period from 10:30am to 9:30pm from 1st until 14th February, 2012. Gifts from  Bombay Duck, Apple and Bee, MY20 ways, Flexflop FLEXXI, Elly Oak Cards, Hello Dolly including Valentine's Day and other fabulous gifts all under $100 will be available.

Come over and meet the Glamourpuss Gals with our little pop-up shop. 

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