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Gingerlilly Body Lotions


Gingerlilly hand and body lotions were developed with the intent to pamper. The white, rich and creamy texture softens the skin leaving it delicately perfumed, enabling you to sustain the Gingerlilly experience all day. And night. 

On this page, you can now choose from our several Gingerlilly body and hand lotion scents.

Gingerlilly and Frangapani - The signature scent by Gingerlilly Sleepwear with feminine, fresh and crisp notes for you and your boudoir. 

Gingerlilly and Gardenia – Feminine, crisp floral notes blended with unity and strength creates a romantic atmosphere for your home. 

Gingerlilly and Orange Blossom – Feminine, crisp floral notes blended with a scent to heal the mind, body and spirit encouraging joy and peace into your home. 

Gingerlilly and French Vanilla – Feminine, crisp floral notes blended with purity and simplicity creates a feeling of warmth, softness and caring for your home. 

Gingerlilly and Wild Apple - Fresh and feminine with delicate apple scent creates a warmth and softness to your home.

All scents come in a gift box. 150g and 250g inside gift box. You can also purchase the matching room scent diffusers and candles from Gingerlilly Sleepwear. 



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