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The Little Book Of Necklaces


The original idea came from creating the Little Book of Earrings. When there was a need, what more a personal need, creativity brought along a solution for an efficient and tidy way of safe-keeping our earrings! But then, what about our Necklaces? 

And so The Little Book of Necklaces was born!

These taller Little Books come in 7 colours and stores just about all kinds of necklaces, be it pearls, chains, with pendants or without and whether with clasps or without! Keeping them in the Little Book, keeps them from being entangled when you want to pick anyone for the perfect accessory to go along with your outfit! All necklaces will be firmly secured when the book is closed.

What a super idea for an organised life!

These also make great gifts and what better than to give something that's unique, attractive and truly practical.

Book dimensions: 28cm(h) x 19cm(w) x 6cm(d)

Find out what the creator/designer of these "Little Books" have to say about them...

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