eatsleepdoodle is an innovative, design-led gift company based in the UK.

Textile products from eatsleepdoodle make quite a bit of a statement! They say you’re creative and an individual. Because every doodle, just like every doodler, is a one-off.

All eatsleepdoodle gifts can be customised using their unique wash-out colour pens, and come with full permission to doodle – so unleash your inner doodler and transform the ordinary into the magical.

And when you want to start again, just chuck it in the washing machine for a clean canvas. 

eatsleepdoodle = endless creative freedom

Oh, and by the way - they used to be called 'doodle by stitch', for those of you with good memories. But they've put on a new hat and coat and voila - here they are - reborn and shiny... eating, sleeping and, of course, doodling as ever!!

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