The Little Books Of...

Home of the Original Little Book of Earrings and Little Book of Necklaces

The founder of Little-Shop-Of.Co first created the Little Book of Earrings out of a personal need which turned to a quest for a solution. Whilst an earring tree is all very well for keeping your dressing-table neat and tidy, what do you do when you go traveling? And so the Little Book of Earrings was born!

That was 2009. Since then there have been improvements to the design and several additions to the number of colours available. They also developed the Little Book of Necklaces which has proven itself a great hit from the start.

Success is so much about timing and maybe they've got this just right - but the real success behind the Little Books is that they make perfect gifts - a good size, a great range of colours and, we hope, something that's a bit different and still truly practical.

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