Twigz - plants grow kids

Twigz children's gardening tools and equipment are specially designed and developed for little hands. 

Their entire range is functional, durable, ergonomic and safe, these include a set of 3 hand tools, a set of 4 long tools, watering cans, buckets, gloves and even a 2-wheeled wheel barrow that is stable and just perfect for kids! All Twigz products are manufactured in their Twigz easily identifiable and attractive colour scheme and new to the collection are watering cans and buckets available in PINK!!

All Twigz products are designed to be used for REAL gardening so that children feel that they have made a REAL contribution to the success of a flowering plant or one that has bore fruit - this helps them to appreciate nature and to build up their confidence over time.

Twigz is dedicated to educating and exciting children about gardening with Twigz's "The Little Green Thumbs Kids Club" - sign your child up as a member of the kids club at to receive seasonal newsletter, information about nature, gardening and lots of other goodies.

At Twigz, they strongly believe that "plants grow kids"..