Refer-A-Friend (RaF) Programme

Welcome to our new "RaF Programme".

Our new "RaF Programme" will allow shoppers to share discounts with friends and family.

When a registered member refers a friend, the friend will then be entitled to a 20% online voucher. Once a referred friend purchases online, our registered member will also receive a 20% voucher as a token of our thanks.

All vouchers will have an expiry date and minimum purchase. This information will be clearly marked on each voucher, so do make a note of it on receipt of the voucher.  Vouchers can only be used on the online shopcart at only.  Please note, only one voucher at a time can be used and may not be used together with other on-going promotions at the same time.

What you need to do to Refer-A-Friend?

1. Ensure that you have previously registered a Customer Account at

2. Send an email to with the following text in your subject title: "RaF Programme - (insert your order #)".

3. Within 24 hrs, you will receive an email from GlamourpussLife, with complete instructions of what to do from there on. 

If you need help? 

Feel free to email us at OR call us at +65 6729 2292 OR chat on our LIVE CHAT service.

Please note, Glamourpuss-in-training, GOLD & VIP membership has now been upgraded to our new referral programme above.   GlamourpussLife reserves the right to amend, change or update programmes at any time without prior notice. All changes to programmes will be announced on our website.