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Little Book Of Earrings & Travel Little Book of Earrings


The first Little Book of Earrings was created out of a personal need which turned to a quest for a solution. Whilst an earring tree is all very well for keeping your dressing-table neat and tidy, what do you do when you go travelling? And so the Little Book of Earrings came about.

These Little Books will make perfect gifts as they are a good size, comes in a great range of colours and they seemed to be something that's a bit different and attractive and truly practical.

They come in 2 formats : The Original Little Book which has four pages and holds up to 48 pairs and the Travel Little Book with has two pages and holds up to 12 pairs.

They come in Travel-size books as well, called the Travel Little Book of Earrings.

Original Little Book dimensions: 19cm(h) x 15cm(w) x 5cm(d)

Travel Little Book dimensions: 15.5cm(h) x 11cm(w) x 4cm(d)

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